Combine reel improves harvest efficiency

December 09, 2010

Too wet. Too dry. Too little sun. With everything farmers have to worry about, battling standard reels at harvest time shouldn't be one of them. Or at least, that's what John Benton of Olney, Ill., thought.

Benton was introduced to the ORBIT Reel, which was designed as a replacement system to the standard reel, the ORBIT Reel increases combine efficiency by controlling crops through the header auger.

"One of my primary crops is soybeans and I've always had problems with green, stemmy beans wrapping around the reel," said Benton. "I attribute the problem to certain varieties and timing, but when I'm ready to cut, I want to cut. In this business, you can't always wait an extra four days to tend to a crop."

Benton purchased the ORBIT Reel and used it for the first time while harvesting 800 acres of soybeans this past fall.

"I didn't have problems with wrapping. As a result, I increased productivity because I didn't always have to stop to cut vines off," said Benton. "I can't wait to see what it can do for wheat."

The unique shape of the ORBIT Reel allows the reel tines to depart from their conventional circular path and swing directly past the auger. As a result, the crop is pushed directly into the auger, rather than dropped on the header floor where build-up occurs.

Jerry Otlmanns, who harvests 700 acres of soybeans annually, also purchased the ORBIT Reel. Otlmanns, who resides in Sherman, Ill., consistently had problems with slugging when using a standard reel. However, after converting reels, he no longer experienced slugging issues.

"I was pleasantly surprised it worked as well as advertised," said Otlmanns. "Based on one season's use, I found that the beans cut hard and fed hard--it really did work well on everything."

Otlmanns also indicated that he increased productivity, "I could drive faster because I didn't have to worry about plugging the header."

Because the ORBIT Reel eliminates the gap between the combine's reel and auger, continuous crop flow is provided. Users will also experience less slugging, reduced reel carry-over and increased harvest speeds.

For more information, call 815-539-9371.

Source: High Plains Journal
Date: 12/9/05