Customized Manufacturing Capabilities

A unique source for metal fabrication, painting, and assembly

Plus, our on-site design and manufacturing engineers are proficient in Solidworks and AutoCAD.

Robotic Weld

  • Robotic welding cells geared toward customers’ needs
  • Capable of welding mild galvanized/stainless steel and aluminum
  • Parts sizes 36” x 87” with weights up to 1100 lbs.
  • Weld large and complex assemblies


Multihead Spot Weld

  • Servo-controlled shuttle table
  • Accurate spot welding to each location




Laser Machines

  • Capable of cutting 5’ x 10” material
  • Mild steel 1/2” in thickness
  • Aluminum and stainless steel




Additional Custom Capabilities

Custom Tube Punching Machine

Capable of punching three tubes at once with up to 12 holes per tube.

Plate Roller

  • Capable of rolling 10 gauge steel
  • 14’ sheet lengths
  • Diameters down to 8 1/2”

Center Tube Weld

  • Eight weld stations
  • 16 welding torches
  • Utilizes a cut-to-length sawing operation while welding

Paint Lines

  • Powder coating
  • Black up to 40’ in length
  • Multi color up to 40’ in length

These manufacturing capabilities provide the flexibility to build custom components to your specifications.